“It’s not a rave. It’s a happening.”

Darlings, the moment is here!
Join the Absolutely Fabulous Pssst… 2024 edition on January 19th at Nar Cafederkunsten.
Secure your tickets for a glamorous fiesta with bold hair, red lips, outrageous dancing, and endless champagne. Embrace your fabulous self – no New Year, new me nonsense!


Get your tickets now!

“None of this
‘New Year, new me’ rubbish.
Last year I was fabulous
and this year I’ll be fabulous.”

— Patsy

“What do you see
when you look
in the mirror, darling?
Me looking fabulous.”

— Eddie

“Nothing like a good old
sex scandal.
Bit more exciting
than the ones in my day.”

— Gran

“Sweetie what
are you drinking?
Oh this?
Chanel No. 5.”

— Eddie & Patsy

“It's so long
since I actually remember
going to sleep
instead of passing out.”

— Patsy

“The last mosquito
that bit me
had to check into
the Betty Ford clinic.”

— Patsy

Date, time & location

19th of january 2024
10 pm — 4 am

NAR – café der kunsten
Nijverheidsweg 6 Utrecht



(Summer of love)


(Pssst… residence)


The one, the only,
the absolutely fabulous sensation – Miss Gigi Glamourista!

(Milkshake Festival)

AbFab dancers

Let the music
lift you up darling.